Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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I decided to reach out to Renae because I had literally tried everything to manage my food. Every diet, support group and program under the sun. I was feeling hopeless and also scared. Scared because if our work together didn’t help, I wasn’t really sure what other options I had. Thankfully, it did. During our work together I felt supported by Renae 100% of the way. There were days where I felt like I was going backwards. Like I could never do this and she kept guiding and coaching me. 6 months later, I cannot believe the change I have experienced. Just how much my thinking has changed and how neutral I feel around food. I no longer have to shove candy bars in my purse or stock up on all kinds of food to eat in the evenings. I can just live my life now. I have a new sense of freedom and appreciation for my body. Not only do I have a better relationship with food, but also drinking and men! Funny how it is all connected. I highly recommend Renae and her coaching for anyone who wants to stop feeling crazy around food or just in life in general

Mary B., Portland, OR

Renae is such a positive force for change! I used to dread going to therapy and discussing my eating disorder, because it never seemed to help. But Renae’s weekly coaching sessions have helped me tackle my frequent binge and purge routine by empowering me with mindfulness and positive self-talk. I feel comfortable sharing my deepest, darkest food issues with Renae because she’s been there herself. Renae also helped me positively adapt my eating habits. Instead of grazing all day then binging, I’ve switched to eating three, healthy large meals.
I would recommend Renae to anyone who struggles with food issues or insecurities, or addictions of any kind.

Emily E. Portland OR

I have less stress because I have learned how to let a lot go.  I have learned in certain situations how to change my mindset and to stop dwelling in the “what ifs”. I have lost weight without following some fad or crazy diet and through exercise.  My relationships with my husband, my kids, my friends, my coworkers, my students has all changed because I am learning to talk to them differently and know when it is ok to walk away and not stress about the conversation. Anyone who is looking for a life change that will stick needs to give Renae and her program a shot.  It is NOT a diet, it is NOT a fad, it is NOT a temporary fix.. It is a TOTAL body and mind transformation that when applied every day and correctly changes everything you do. I am a strong, independent woman but I needed Renae to call me on my bullshit and/or excuses. I needed to hear the things she said, and I appreciate her honesty and always being straight forward.

Steffany E. Milton Freewater
When I signed up for coaching with Renae I really thought she was going to help me successfully diet. I thought she was going to teach me how to never want cupcakes again. 
I was the kind of dieter that could do good until Thursday, then, I ate everything in sight until Monday. So naturally, I scheduled our call on Thursday day so she could help me push through that weak spot.
Turns out I was way off about what coaching was and I am glad for that. She didn’t help me successfully diet, but she helped me not need to diet, which is even better! I really thought I was addicted to sugar. I tried for so long to cut out sugar and now, after this work, ironically, I want it WAY less. It almost feels like my taste buds have changed. There have been cookies in the house for a week and I couldn’t care less! The weird thing about this process is that it never felt like “work”, it has just happened.
With dieting, it is a whole thing. Get rid of all the bad food, buy all new food, do all the meal prep, plan out every day of the week, with the hope that you will just naturally never want sugar again. When I look back at where I was 5 months ago, I can’t believe where I am today. I truly just can’t believe it. My food thing is non-existent, which I NEVER thought I’d say. I eat what I want, or I don’t eat it and move on. And I am starting to like my body again. I never thought this was possible for me.
Jamie L. CA

I reached out to Renae when I realized I’d been struggling with food and body image for more than 20 years — over half my life. I decided enough was enough. I’d made some progress on my own, but I was still agonizing over what I was eating and constantly dissatisfied with my body. Our early sessions focused on food….but after a few months, we were discussing strategies for handling work, apartment hunting, and dealing with grief — food barely comes up at all anymore. Renea was tough when I needed her to be, but always gentle, encouraging, and positive — without being overly cheerleader-y. Her approach is practical and effective. She really helps you see how your (often fallacious) thoughts dictate your mood and behavior. I’ve been in therapy, and while there was a time & a place for that in my life, it hadn’t led to lasting behavioral changes for me. My work with Renae has. My only regret is not finding her sooner.


The time I spent with Renae was a true blessing! From the first time that we spoke I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Renae not only listened to me, but she truly heard what I needed and why I was struggling with food; she could relate to the way I was feeling, but also held me accountable for my thoughts and actions. Renae has found her true calling as a life coach, she is genuinely invested in the success of her clients. I had never considered working with a life coach prior to finding Renae, but now it seems like a common sense catalyst for healthy self improvement. She is a wonderful human with a beautiful spirit! I hope to be able to work with her again in the future, but until then she has given me several tools to navigate through this hectic life we all live. I will be forever grateful for her!

Jennifer M. Portland OR

I loved that coaching was catered to ME. Renae is a no nonsense coach and I love that. No sugar coating, which is what I need! It was incredible helpful to bring my issues to someone who is neutral. With my friends we end up talking about the same thing and feeling the same way about it, which is great, but doesn’t help change anything. Having a perspective from someone who isn’t in the circle with me was a game changer. Coaching was worth every penny and opened my eyes to so many things I was doing and thinking I had no awareness of before.

Jennifer H, Milton Freewater

This work with Renae has brought me back to ME. I got so busy with life that I let go of many things that are important to me…things that are core to who I believe myself to be! I had stopped taking care of myself, stopped doing things I loved and settled in a pattern of just existing in life. I felt defeated and overwhelmed. I allowed myself to be pulled in a hundred different directions which would often lead to over eating, not paying attention to what I was eating and eating late at night! I was frustrated and exhausted.
Our work together has been a game changer! I’ve had so many “ah hah” moments throughout our sessions! Renae helped me get clear on why I was doing what I was doing and more importantly, how to change when and what I wanted to. Before Renae I was neglecting myself and on autopilot in life! I feel energized, now, present and taking care of myself again without guilt.

Pat T., Seattle, WA