Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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You’re meant to do more
than obsess about food
and weight.

Hey, I'm Renae.

I'm a certified life coach who specializes in working with
amazing women ready to build a life outside food and body obsession.

This work is about putting an END to your
diet-binge cycle - and creating a new BEGINNING.

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How you do one thing is how you do everything.

How would you show up differently if food WEREN’T a thing for you?

It's time to


playing small.
staying stuck.
not asking for what you want.
not earning your worth.
postponing being "ready to date."

It's time to START something new.

I See You. I Got You.

all the love

This work with Renae has brought me back to ME. I got so busy with life that I let go of many things that are important to me…things that are core to who I believe myself to be! I had stopped taking care of myself, stopped doing things I loved and settled in a pattern of just existing in life. I felt defeated and overwhelmed. I allowed myself to be pulled in a hundred different directions which would often lead to over eating, not paying attention to what I was eating and eating late at night! I was frustrated and exhausted.
Our work together has been a game changer! I’ve had so many “ah hah” moments throughout our sessions! Renae helped me get clear on why I was doing what I was doing and more importantly, how to change when and what I wanted to. Before Renae I was neglecting myself and on autopilot in life! I feel energized, now, present and taking care of myself again without guilt.

Pat T., Seattle, WA