Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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Where women break up with binge eating and create the life they're truly hungry for.

Stop Trying to Love Your Body 

You heard me right! Trying to love your body may cause more harm than good!

You will walk away with 3 simple, yet HIGHLY effective, techniques for helping YOU build a better body image today.

If you could finally keep food in your fridge (with zero fear of inhaling it one sitting) and end the binge battle...


for GOOD...


Would you give yourself that chance?

Or would you continue to…

  • Stay in the “diet starts Monday” mentality trying yet another round of Weight Watchers, Whole 30, an elimination fad or even the Cookie diet (yeah, it’s a real thing)
  • Sneaking into the break room to binge the brownies only to want to hide out for the rest of the day
  • Think “I’m just gonna eat it all now and never buy it again” just to get the ice cream stash out of the house.

And with every failure, you feel worse about yourself and wonder, 

“Will I be stuck like this forever?”

If you're ready for a life outside of food and body obsession,

then consider me the avacado on your piece of overpriced brunch toast

Hey, Have we met?

 I’m Renae.
Lover of Dogs. Early Mornings. And Emotional Eating Expert.

Clients have said the only thing they regret about working with me is they "didn't do it sooner.'

I help women break up with binge eating without obsessively tracking meals, being a human calorie counter, or going another decade controlled by food and weight.

After this call, “Renae, Mom fell, and it isn’t good…” my stomach dropped. I remember thinking “Thank God I wasn’t in the middle of a binge. That I didn’t feel possessed by needing a fix of 7 donuts.”

The next day, my mom was taken off life support and died. After her death it was a blur and also the clearest point in my life.

After 15 years of fighting with food and my body, I threw up my hands. I couldn’t do it another day.

Now it is my mission to help women - like you - understand that you aren't broken and you aren't a helpless case.

It's time to stop putting yourself or your body into a box (or clothes) that don’t fit anymore and finally create the relationship with food you’ve been craving for decades.

all the love

I decided to reach out to Renae because I had literally tried everything to manage my food. Every diet, support group and program under the sun. I was feeling hopeless and also scared. Scared because if our work together didn’t help, I wasn’t really sure what other options I had. Thankfully, it did. During our work together I felt supported by Renae 100% of the way. There were days where I felt like I was going backwards. Like I could never do this and she kept guiding and coaching me. 6 months later, I cannot believe the change I have experienced. Just how much my thinking has changed and how neutral I feel around food. I no longer have to shove candy bars in my purse or stock up on all kinds of food to eat in the evenings. I can just live my life now. I have a new sense of freedom and appreciation for my body. Not only do I have a better relationship with food, but also drinking and men! Funny how it is all connected. I highly recommend Renae and her coaching for anyone who wants to stop feeling crazy around food or just in life in general

Mary B., Portland, OR