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EP 21: The Scale

Show Notes

What’s your relationship to the scale??
Love hate?
Not great?

I know a lot of you weigh yourself.
You may not even think about it before you do it either, it just happens. Like breathing.

Wake up, go pee, strip down, weigh.
That’s ok, I’m not here to shame you, I am here to open your eyes to another possibility though.
Another way of existing on this planet.
One that does not revolve around food and weight.

Because here is what I believe to be true about you.
You are smart. You are motivated.

When you set your mind to something, you do it.
But the food piece, damnit, why does it feel so hard?

I’m here to disrupt that cycle.
I am here to help you make it so much easier.
I’m here to hopefully put a little pause, if not a complete halt on weighing yourself.

I know you think it helps.
I know you think “it helps you stay on track” or some of you don’t even really know why you do it, you just “need to know.”

If what you want is an easy relationship with food.
To just be able to eat when hungry, stop when full, and trust yourself, does the scale REALLY help you in that process?
Weighing yourself is likely just another tool that is used against you.
It keeps you pushing against yourself instead of trusting yourself.

I hope you enjoy this episode as I talk about the in’s and out’s of weighing yourself.

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