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With Binge Eating

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EP 4: Sugar Addict

Show Notes

Does sugar feel like your kryptonite?
Once you start, you just can’t stop?
Maybe you would even consider yourself addicted to sugar?

If you are saying yes to any of these questions, you do not want to miss this week’s episode where we will dig into my thoughts, research and experience with sugar.

I don’t think you have to eliminate entire food groups to reach sanity. In fact, when you have restricted food you have probably noticed you want it more than ever. Or maybe the day before a big diet or cleanse you decided to start you ate ALL the carbs, pastries and sugar. Further convincing yourself how badly you needed this new plan.

This is known as “last supper mentality” and is actually a very healthy response to deprivation.

If sugar has been a pain point for you, I hope you will listen to this podcast with an open mind. I hope that you can take away a few things from this episode to begin to see and eat sugar differently.


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