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With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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EP 19: Safety Net

Show Notes

Safety Net:a safeguard against possible hardship or adversity.

What is your safety net?
What is the thing in the back of your mind that you think “if this doesn’t work, I will do that.”

Is it really helping?

I have noticed something within my clients and just humans in general. When we have one foot in and one foot out, the odds of us achieving our goal is not great.

This makes sense, right?
But have you ever thought about how that shows up in your relationship to food and body?

When you decide to give up dieting.
But at the same time think, “ok, but I’m only one click away from ordering that new plan if this doesn’t work!”
How committed will you really be to ending the war with food?
How committed are you in finding a way to make this work?

What will you do on the day where your food is shit and you feel BLAH

Duh! It is already on the front of your mind because you have been batting the idea around for weeks.

How differently would you show up if you had no back up plan. If you KNEW this was the way and just because you had a bad or off day, it didn’t mean you were failing, it just meant you were doing it.

Is your safety net really keeping you safe?

In this podcast I explain why the very thought of having a diet or new plan in your back pocket could  keep you from making progress you want.

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