Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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EP 25: It’s ok to relax.

Show Notes

Emotional eating is often a symptom to anxiety and control.
But so many try to solve this “problem”  by adding in MORE control.
Cutting out food groups, restrictions in amounts and time.
More of the problem is NOT the solution.

You do not need more control.
In fact, your attempt at control, at making your food fit into this perfect box, that is what is resulting in you to feel out of control.

There is a fear though, that if you do not control and manage your food, you will never stop eating or never stop gaining weight, right?
But….when you feel like you’ve messed up your day around food, you usually eat more faster.
“Already effed up the day. Might as well just end it with a bang!!”

The solution is to begin to loosen the grip.
To stop fighting food and yourself.
To address anxiety and get to the root of what is actually making you feel out of control because I promise it is NOT the food.

And this is such critical work because, and I’ve seen this happen a lot and also experienced it in myself, that anxiety you feel around food will just switch lanes.

Your food might begin to feel ok but now you are stressed about work, feeling inadequate, working long hours, obsessed, frantic, trying to prove your worth on the verge of a complete mental breakdown.

The same way you were with food.

I hope this episode opens your eyes to some ways you can practice loosening the grip, easing into life and actually enjoying it a little more instead of always hustling, pushing and burning out.

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