Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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EP 9: Intuitive Eating and Sex

Show Notes

Most of the women I work with have been disconnected from their body for a long time.
Some may even say it is an abusive relationship.

Intuitive eating is the process of connecting the MIND AND THE BODY.
Basically, your brain has been the ex-husband and your body has been an ex-wife, trying to live in a one bedroom apartment together, after a VERY nasty divorce….
It ain’t working out so well!

We don’t need them to fall back in love but we DO need some communication.

IE(intuitive eating) helps you connect the brain and the body.

Intuitive Eating will not SOLVE all your food issues, it will not cure emotional eating.
This is just a step in the process.

IE is something you can only do in the moment.

With the increase of popularity with IE over the last few years you may see people marketing it as a weight loss tool….no. That is missing the WHOLE point. Will you lose weight? Will you gain weight? Will you stay the same? Again, I have no idea. The idea is to help you start eating in a way that FEELS good.

The most common thing I hear women say is “if I don’t control my food, I will NEVER stop eating!” But when you are listening to your body, when you are respecting your body, when you WANT to feel good in your body, whole packages or Oreos, cartons of ice cream or boxes of cereal don’t usually feel so great.

I mentioned an excellent podcast during this episode and that on “10% Happier” with Evelyn Tribole, one of the creators of IE, goes into more detail about all the in’s and out’s of it. I loved this episode and really encourage you to listen if you are intrigued by IE or confused by it.

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