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With Binge Eating

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EP 29: Interview with Kristina Bruce

Show Notes

“I was never good enough because I was never thin enough.”

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kristina Bruce.

Kristina is a Certified Body Trust®  Provider and Integrative Life Coach and specializes in helping people break free from diet cycling and negative body image.

In our interview, she shares her personal story of her own war with food and body.

She discusses how once she had gotten her ‘goal body’ she actually felt worse and more anxious than ever.

She shares how it was in her romantic relationship that really highlighted just how disordered her relationship to food and exercise really was.

Kristina takes us through her rock bottom moment with food and how she ultimately got free and her path to where she is today.

Kristina is such a wonderful human and I absolutely loved this interview.

Take a listen and please share as I know so many can benefit from hearing her story.

You can follow Kristina on Instagram HERE.
Or visit her website HERE

She also mentioned Byron Katie a few times, who I also agree is incredible, and you can read more about her HERE

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