Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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EP 20: Interview with coaching client Lyn

Show Notes

“I started dieting at age 22 and from that point on it has been a struggle. I have been a binger, I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained weight, I’ve tried everything and I got to the point of being really scared about my health.
I was also at point of hating food. I wished there was just a pill I could take.
Then I reached out to you.
I don’t think about food or weight 24/7 and it is just a miracle. I can keep bread and sugar in my house and not eat it all.I really didn’t think this was possible for me. Do not wait to do this work.”

I hope you enjoy this episode with Lyn as much as I did.

She is a current coaching client and we have only been working together for a couple months and food really just isn’t a problem for her any more. And that is after 55 years of dieting, bingeing, restricting, killing herself in the gym, and just all around obsessing about food and weight.

She’s now able to show up and be present in her life. She is more social now, she feels hopeful for her future and she is happy with who she is today.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Lyn and find some inspiration from her because I sure do.

(There were a couple of times where her mic went out but we got it figured out so just keep listening.)

(love you Lyn<3)

If this episode strikes a cord with you and you are ready to stop having food and weight control your life, you can email me at to schedule a free call and we can dig into what coaching could look like for you.

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