Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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EP 8: Interview With Client Karen P.

Show Notes

(The connection in the beginning of the episode wasn’t that great. Halfway through we shut off our video and it got better. Hang in there!)

I am fortunate to get to work with some of THE most amazing women.
Some I have never met before, but some I have known before we start our work together.

Karen is someone I knew before, kind of…
Maybe more appropriate to say we had seen each other in real life a couple of times. Ha!

She reached out to me about 6 months ago and decided she was tired of the madness she felt around food and her body. I immediately knew during our initial conversation she was all in.Which is something I love about her. She is so real and authentic.
She was so ready to be done with feeling like a prisoner to food.

In this interview we discuss why she finally reached out and her thoughts with starting.

She opens up about what it was like to eat so many cookies she felt sick after a few weeks of our work together and how she could never keep food in her house before this process.

We discuss the feelings she had after 50 years of being at war with food to go to the grocery story and just buy things she actually wanted to eat. Food that simply looked good to her!

She also shares how this has impacted not only her relationship to food but to friends and family.

I know you will gain inspiration from hearing Karen’s story.
Please feel free share this episode with others.

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