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With Binge Eating

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EP 7: Garbage Thoughts

Show Notes

Have you ever stopped to think, “Why would I think that?” or “where did that thought come from?”

Probably not.

Why would you?

We are never taught to question our own thinking.

We take what we think as fact.
We believe it.

Have you ever thought about how THAT is impacting your life? How the 6 billion thoughts you have a day just might play a small role in the life that you have? Or the way that you feel about yourself?

In this weeks episode I am challenging you to take a look inside your own mind. To stop taking everything you think as fact and decide on purpose to think in a way that actually feels good.

When you can do this, when you can start to see your thinking and manage your mind, your life will make so much more sense.
Reaching your goals will be so much easier.

Enjoy this weeks episode!

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