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EP 30: Fall Treat Challenge+Healthy Eating

Show Notes

#falltreatchallenge is happening NOW!
I break down what it is and how to participate in the episode.
You must enter before November 5th. Be sure to tag me and I might read your post next week on the pod.

Also- healthy eating.

“I feel like I need to tell people I know that I know I shouldn’t eat like this all the time. That I know this isn’t healthy or ok and that it isn’t a daily thing.”

This comment was shared with me and I am so glad it was because this highlighted 2 things.

1. How big of a deal our society puts on eating sweets.
2. Where her next layer of work is.

You don’t have to earn anything you eat. Period.
You don’t have to explain it either.
If you wanted, you could eat 3 cookies a day for the next 5 months and it is no ones damn business but your own.

A big part of the fall treat challenge is to help you OWN what you eat. To really ENJOY it! To take the power away from food in a way.

We are so terrified of eating but what that actually does is drive us to food faster. For many of you, it is your attempt at eating healthy that leads you to binge. That is because you have such a strict or “right” way of eating and living it would be damn near impossible to perfectly adhere to.

In this episode, I give you permission to eat the damn cookie and stop explaining yourself.


Be sure to share your pic and caption by Nov 5th to be entered in my #falltreatchallenge

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