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Ep 26: Macros and Fitness Trackers

Show Notes

“Can I track my macros AND practice intuitive eating?”

This is a question I was recently asked and I decided to do a podcast on my answer.

Macros are everywhere now.
It claims to be a way of eating that allows you to eat whatever you want and isn’t “a diet.”

I decided to include fitness trackers into this episode because really, they are quite similar.

I was recently reading an article and it went over the top diet trends from today, which are Keto and Intermittent Fasting,  compared to the 1980’s, which was Slim fast.

Ultimately, I see macros as just another fad, not to mention a headache.

In the episode, I finished up by turning this back on you. For you to check-in with yourself and see macro tracking and Fitbit tracking are really serving you? Is this helping you get to the relationship with food and body that YOU want?

There is no one way to eat, live, workout, or do anything.
You are the one who gets to make the call.

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