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EP 23: Dealing With Dieters

Show Notes

Dealing With Dieters.

You know, the person telling you how great she feels after cutting out food groups.
The person telling you how this isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change.
The individual going on and on about how much they just need to lose weight and starting next month things will be different.

It is triggering.
I still don’t enjoy spending time people that want to talk about their food or how much they hate their body or want to lose weight.

So how do you deal with them? Are you just supposed to listen? Are they right? Is it THE magic plan?
This is actually something I didn’t discuss in the podcast but you MAY have this feeling. You may wonder for half a second if they DO have the new magic solution.
That’s normal.

But then your logical brain will come in and remind you “I’ve done that 100 times in the past. That isn’t is.”

Dieting is sneaky because companies have discovered how to add in words and angles that make it SEEM like it’s not a diet because we as women, and society, are catching on that diets really DON’T work.

Companies like Weight Watchers have rebranded and Noom tries to sell you on the idea that it is about “habit change”.

It is a diet.
Don’t be fooled.
And fine, by all means, diet if you want.
But let’s be honest and call it what it is.

In this episode I discuss what exactly a diet is, how you can still be dieting despite eating more than enough calories and how to handle friends, family or peers that won’t stop talking about their diet or weight.

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