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EP 15: Chaos Without Relapse

Show Notes

Life gets chaotic.
Life gets stressful.

I am currently packing up my childhood home, closing the sale on it, and moving across the country.

It’s been a bit chaotic at times!

In this episode I talk about how to take the edge off and also survive big moves, life changes or just stressful weeks, without having to binge your face off.

Women with a history of dieting or emotional eaters tend to first jump to food for a coping skill but food is also the first thing they think is their problem. (See the connection there)

If out of no where you notice yourself snacking more or feeling the urge to binge, instead of jumping to a new diet plan to better control your food or restrain yourself, let’s look at what is REALLY going on. Get curious as to WHY your food is feeling weird right now. What else has been happening in your life? One of my favorite sayings is “curiosity over judgement.”  It is easy to fall into the shame and blame spiral but it is not useful.

All of my clients are go getters, high achieving, bad ass women.
And when they set their mind to something they GET IT DONE.

But we cannot operate at 100% all of the time.
We cannot constantly be giving, doing and creating.

You need time to rest. To relax. To recharge. To not be the most productive and sometimes to just not do it at all( like workout, meal prep or plan everything) Some weeks you just need several nights of take out food and chicken burritos to make life easy 🙂

This podcast covers ways I have personally been managing chaos without relapse and I offer new ways of handling uncertain times in your life.

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