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EP 16: Believing New Things About Yourself

Show Notes

I see women all the time get trapped by this imaginary net.
They feel stuck. They think they can’t escape. They think they cannot move or do anything differently until someone comes over and takes the net off.

But……there is no net.
The net is the imagined limit you have put on yourself.
The net is your level of belief in yourself.

We all operate from a current set of beliefs.
And we all have goals we want to achieve and most of us desire to continue improving as a human.
But where the net is keeping us stuck is believing we need some THING to get what we want or reach those goals or be that person.

We think:
“I just want to be the person who likes who I am”
“I just want to be more confident”
“I just want to be enough”

And we believe before this things can happen, something in our external environment must change.

The women you see who are larger than you rocking their full figure without a doubt.
Others taking risks because they just know they will succeed.
The person who shows up to the party exuding confidence.

They are no different than you.
They have just decided that is who they are.

Stop waiting for x,y, and z to change before you can start liking who you are.
Before you start filling your true role in life.

Start today.

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