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EP 28: Be More YOU

Show Notes

I took a little poll on social media and asked my people,
“What is something you tell yourself that you should be more or less of?”

Here are just a few of the responses:

I shouldn’t laugh so loud.
I shouldn’t be so blunt.
I should be more outgoing.
I need to play more and work less.
I should be more joyful.
I shouldn’t be so bossy.
I should be more patient.

A stream of consciousness running through our brain telling us ALLLLL the ways we just aren’t quite good enough.

I don’t think we ever reach a point where we are just done improving.

Every year we become someone new.
Every month we learn more about ourselves and our likes and dislikes than we knew last month.

But the problem is:
1: You think you are less than because you have these flaws.
2: You are trying to hate and shame yourself into change.

Who are we even getting these messages from? Because I had very contradictory responses in my poll.
I should be more playful.
I should be more serious.
I should be more outgoing.
I should work harder.

YOU get to make the rules.
And what I see time and time again is when women drop the agenda of how they SHOULD be living, they can actually start living.
Does that mean some friends may fall off? Sure!
But you want people who want the REAL you.
Who appreciates and loves the ‘you’ that is a work in progress.

You don’t have to change a damn thing!
So today, please, be more YOU.

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