Personal Training & Health Coaching

Training Your Body, Uplifting Your Spirit

Hi, and thanks for looking into my personal training services. My mission is to help my clients train with a view of body positivity and health-at-every-size. I believe in the importance of keeping exercise fun and engaging. It’s amazing what our bodies can do, when we push past our limits and feel the power of our own strength.

Time and time again, I see people get pumped on a new diet or workout routine and go hard for the first 3 to 5 weeks, then crash. And rebound even harder.

I focus on sustainable, holistic personal training — building healthy habits and routines you can maintain for the rest of your life. The goal is to ingrain you with a zest for working out, so that wherever you are, you’ll find the time and strength to keep it up. I really see our training together as more than just a 45 min session. I focus on the WHOLE person I’m training.
I like checking in with clients before we get going to see how they are feeling that day. Some of my clients have MS and arthritis and just cannot move the way they would like. Sometimes clients are emotionally exhausted from the week, and just showing up is a feat. And sometimes you don’t even want to be there — but you still want me to kick your ass, and I can do that too!

I enjoy staying in touch after our sessions to see how your body responds to the workouts.

Personal Training in Milton-Freewater, Oregon

Whether you’ve been working out for years and are looking to up your results or you’re just dipping your toes into a new world of fitness, I’m here to make sure you meet your goals.
I love helping people who have no idea what to do in the gym feel at home in any facility. Gyms can be intimidating places, and without proper guidance you never get to experience your body transforming and pushing past former limits. I can help you determine which routines work for you and come up with a long-term strategy for results.

Healthy body, strong mind

In order to keep you on your toes, I mix up workout routines. This ensures that workouts are always engaging, so that your mind and body are equally involved. I include a healthy balance of HITT and strength training using bodyweight, machines, free weights and resistance bands. I also mix in a little bit of yoga and healthy stretches.
I hold my personal training and health coach sessions either in the comfort of your own home or at one of the two Broadway Fitness locations (for a reduced rate). Broadway Fitness is the area’s only 24-hour gym, and we are fully equipped to meet all your fitness needs.

Building A Health Community in Milton-Freewater

I am a strong advocate of developing a community and support system around activity, health, and wellness which can help to keep motivation and spirits high and keep you sane (or at least help you feel like you’re sharing your craziness). I recently started a local branch of Wy East Sisterhood Blue Mountain, a workout and social group where women meet, share their voices, get fit, and have fun! I’m planning for future happy hours, dinners, hikes, out of town trips and more. Let me know if you’d like to join!

Personal Training Prices:

1 Session of Personal Training in training studio- $40
8 pack=$296 ($37/session)
12 pack= $408 ($34/session)
16 pack= $512 ($3/session)

Each session will include a warm up, workout, and cool down designed specific to your own goals. Weight, measurements, and photos can be taken if client feels that would be beneficial.

personal trainer

Nutrition Consult: $40

A one time analysis of your nutrition and recommendations for macro nutrients, or method you find easiest*

  • This is appropriate for at a beginner to intermediate level with understanding nutrition. This is not strictly macro based. We will look at your food and I will make recommendations based on your current level of activity and your future goals.

*The one-time nutrition consult service is not a coaching relationship but is there as a helpful stepping stone for those who are struggling to find the right nutritional strategy for their body and lifestyle.

Tara M.

“I’ve been doing boot camp and a total body transformation 90 day program for about 2 months with Renae. My journey with food addiction started way back in my childhood. I think we all have voices or thoughts that we hear on a daily basis for different reasons mine happens mostly when I’m eating. I’ve always just listened to the voices, and agreed. Now I’m listening and fighting back. I have a ways to go but Renae knows her stuff she works with individuals on their own level and with baby steps I’m definitely seeing a difference, in the way I look and react to food. I am so happy to have Renae. back in our little town, working with so many women and building our friendships and confidence. She is a rock star.❤️❤️❤️”

Kelly B.

“Renae made working out fun! I love that she tailored the workouts to my specific needs. Also, I can keep doing the workouts anytime because she taught me new exercises and made sure I had proper form.
She is compassionate and knowledgeable. I loved her energy and that she pushed me to what was a comfortable limit for me. I also love that her focus is in overall health and body image. Losing weight is nice, but loving yourself and your body is even better!
My only complaint? She moved away! But my time with her was well worth it! “

Brooke G.

“Renae is great at working with people at every fitness level. I have not been regularly working out, and she has pushed me to work hard. I can definitely feel that I have worked out, but am rarely super sore after we are done. I would definitely recommend signing up to take classes or do personal training with her. She makes workouts fun, and has a contagious energetic personality.”

Katie D.

“Renae is so fun to work with, she motivates and inspires – yet is still realistic! She truly cares about clients needs and will meet needs! I am once again excited about fitness and self care because of Renae and Broadway fitness!

Cindy H.

“Renae has a way to make EVERYONE feel like they are a superstar! Very encouraging for those of us that are starting exercise for the first time in years!! So glad I took the jump and started bootcamp with her! On my second session and already looking forward to the third!”

Elizabeth F.

“I trained with Renae twice a week for a month. She is energetic and excited to get you towards your goals! I liked that because if I was feeling sluggish, she motivated me in a positive way. In that time, I learned how to used all the machines at the gym properly. I also learned a lot about nutrition and the correlation between a good work out and proper nutrition. I am very satisfied with the training I received and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to understand nutrition and proper training while having fun and reaching their goals.

TJ Emily H.

“I absolutely loved my training session with Renae! I was so nervous but that quickly went away, as her fun personality put me at ease! She challenged me and made me more excited about the gym than I’ve been in a long time!

Pauline D.

“Renae is an amazing trainer. She put together a work out plan for me tailored to my specific needs. She helped push me to work harder and made it really fun. I wished she stayed in Portland because I really enjoyed the progress I made.
You wont regret working with her!”

Tia B.

“LOVE my training time with Renae!!! She has the best personality!! She is very bubbly and adventurous!! She pushes me…to want to do my absolute best! I can talk to her about anything!!! I would definitely recommend her for your trainer!! “

Gabriela D.

“I loveeeeee my trainings with Renae, she is very motivational and fun all in one. I am always looking forward to what she will have me do next! Also, not only do I love my trainings with her but I also enjoy that she is very personable and I can pretty much reach her anytime! Looking forward to seeing what my future trainings will be like. Highly recommend her, to the MAX!”

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