Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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We aren't just slapping on another meal plan or protcol.


let me guess...

You think FOOD is your problem.

This goes deeper than just the frosting on the cake.

Let's peel back the layers of fear, excuses, judgments, regrets and beliefs that have kept you feeling frustrated, defeated and out of control.

From there, we’ll get you to a point where food no longer dictates your decisions or day to day activities. A place where you feel really confident showing up as you.

You’ll learn to make decisions quickly and confidently. You'll no longer have to people please at your own expense. You have goals and you know you will hit them because your confidence, clarity and energy are now in alignment.

Imagine - sex with the lights on. You either just cringed or laughed... You're welcome either way.

If this sounds intriguing, allow me to share how we do this.

in case you forgot...

you have a greater purpose in life than obsessing about food and weight.

Here's the scoop on my 5 part framework:

Part One


Food is always on your mind!

It occupies all your precious headspace and you are exhausted by it! You have tried every plan under the sun and probably think it is something with you that is broken. When the truth is, your food is just a symptom telling us something else in your life is off. In the first element of our journey together we dive into the WHY behind what you're eating. We cultivate a healthier, easier, and more conscious relationship to food that ultimately gives you the freedom to do more than think about food

Part Two


 Say buh-bye to body obsession! Here we are going to reconnect your brain and your body and get them back on the same team.

This portion is all about body image and beginning to treat yourself with the respect you deserve. No more eating until you are painfully full, having to destroy yourself at the gym with high-intensity workouts, or do nothing for weeks on end and sink into a depression. We turn guilt into body trust and ultimate body confidence. 

Part Three


“I know what to do but can’t seem to do it!” 

You’ve probably said this often.

You're smart. You know enough about nutrition and exercise and everything in between, but somehow this magnetic force pushes you to do exactly what you DON’T want! Leaving you feeling defeated and frustrated. In this element of our work together you will have a crystal clear perspective of why you do and don’t do, say, eat, etc, so you can stop self sabotaging and start doing what you really want with your time, money, and energy.

Part Four

Self Confidence

Less “what does she eat? How does she workout? Why don’t I look like her?” More “Who? I didn’t even notice. I was too busy loving my life”.

Imagine showing up to a friend’s wedding without second-guessing how you look or what people will say about you. But instead, you focus on the bride, the dancing, and the fun night ahead.

This section is all about how you think about you.

Confidence. Having your own back. Making decisions with certainty. Knowing that the path you are on is the best for YOU. 

Part Five


If you are a human, you are in a relationship with SOMEONE. A poor relationship with food and body ripples into your relationships with others.

You shut down and put up a wall or have a reactive way of being.

Here we will dissect expectations and boundaries and also how to communicate and show up in a way that nurtures relationships instead of burning them to the ground.


Your first step is to schedule a call to see if we're a fit.

When I signed up for coaching with Renae I really thought she was going to help me successfully diet. I thought she was going to teach me how to never want cupcakes again. 
I was the kind of dieter that could do good until Thursday, then, I ate everything in sight until Monday. So naturally, I scheduled our call on Thursday day so she could help me push through that weak spot.
Turns out I was way off about what coaching was and I am glad for that. She didn’t help me successfully diet, but she helped me not need to diet, which is even better! I really thought I was addicted to sugar. I tried for so long to cut out sugar and now, after this work, ironically, I want it WAY less. It almost feels like my taste buds have changed. There have been cookies in the house for a week and I couldn’t care less! The weird thing about this process is that it never felt like “work”, it has just happened.
With dieting, it is a whole thing. Get rid of all the bad food, buy all new food, do all the meal prep, plan out every day of the week, with the hope that you will just naturally never want sugar again. When I look back at where I was 5 months ago, I can’t believe where I am today. I truly just can’t believe it. My food thing is non-existent, which I NEVER thought I’d say. I eat what I want, or I don’t eat it and move on. And I am starting to like my body again. I never thought this was possible for me.
Jamie L. CA

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Action Steps

I don't just give advice. That would be dull and unproductive . I share SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE things you can take with you. It is all about giving you the most transformative experience.

Your first step is to schedule a call to see if we're a fit.