Break Up

With Binge Eating

A Guide To Loving Your Body

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Is your relationship with food anything but EASY?


You’re an ambitious, motivated woman. On the outside, it looks like you’ve got it together!

Great career, thriving relationships, money in the bank...

You show up for everyone else 110% - but not for yourself.

You can’t help it - you feel compelled to please other people.

Which means… you almost never have time to squeeze in a 30 minute workout, take a trip, read for pleasure, or write the book you know you should be writing. And let’s face it - if you do have down time, all you want to do is sit.

At the end of the day, it all just feels like a lot and you need some comfort. So, you turn to the one thing that’s always been there for you…food.

It’s like your dark little secret that nobody quite understands and you’d drop it in a second if you could… but… you can’t.

You’ve tried all the things:

  • not eating after 7
  • drinking all the celery juice (gross!)
  • counting all the points/macros/calories
  • Paleo
  • keto
  • no flour, no sugar
  • high carb
  • low carb

And yet, here you are.

Still fighting. Still wondering what’s wrong with you. How can this STILL be an issue!? You’re a smart woman who has so much to be proud of and excited about but this part of your life is driving you crazy! And it’s crushing your self esteem.

The guilt of last nights frenzy weighs on your mentally and physically.

You love food and want to enjoy it, but you also want a life outside of it. 

You want to show up for yourself as much as you do for others. You want to feel confident in your body all year round. You want to trust yourself around the plate of brownies in the office break room. You want to have dinner with a friend and hear what they are saying instead of being so focused on the bread in the middle of the table. You want to come home at the end of the day and relax, watch tv, decompress, and not instantly go into “binge mode.”

Bottom line: you no longer want to be a prisoner to food.


My disordered eating started out with wanting to lose a little weight and “tone up”. It soon shifted into anorexia at age 14 and, over the next 15+ years, morphed into exercise addiction, bulimia, binge eating, and generalized anxiety over food.

Oh yeah, and I battled with alcoholism for several years in there as well. Sprinkle in over-spending, over-stressing and really over-doing anything you can imagine, and that was my life.

(I struggled with moderation to say the least…)

I would wake up day after day, desperate, frustrated, and wondering what was wrong with me! Why couldn’t I figure this food thing out?!

I spent a long time powerless and out of control in this cycle:

  • If I wasn’t eating, I was thinking of what I would eat next.
  • If I wasn’t working out, I felt immense guilt and compared myself to everyone else who had.
  • I tried support groups, dieticians, and even checked myself into treatment a few times. Nothing lasted for more than a couple of months, at best.
  • I weighed myself obsessively and even when I hit a number I strived for, it still wasn’t enough.

Even if I wasn’t actually bingeing, my toxic relationship with food and my body had a hold on me.

How we do one thing is how we do everything. So even when food wasn’t the key issue, I was never enough.

It wasn’t until I unlearned a lot of what I had been fed (pun intended!) and released my need for control, that I finally found the peace I was looking for.

I finally regained my sanity around food and made peace with my body.

  • I can now keep ice cream in my fridge and forget it’s there.
  • I no longer have to avoid social gatherings because I know I can be trusted around the buffet.
  • No more locking myself in my room with the TV on, phone in hand, lights off, with bags of m&ms and cartons of Ben & Jerry’s (which was my idea of great night for a long time.)
  • I can be with my big emotions: loneliness, boredom, happiness, and not have to instantly run to food.
  • I have head space to spend on things that really matter to me.
  • My weight is at a place that’s comfortable and just stays there. I can finally take a deep breath and trust myself.
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 7.13.52 PM


I’ve stopped obsessing about food myself and have helped countless other women do the same. I want to help you too.

Food is just a symptom telling you something else is off. I give you the tools, skills, and insights that help with everything.

Maybe in the past, you’ve had weeks, months, or even years of not having any issues with food… but then it creeps back up like it never really left. Or, in those times food was a non-issue, something else flew out of whack. You’re either over-spending, overexercising, overworking, or overdoing something to distract yourself and stay removed from your life.

I’m ready to help you solve this for good. Not just with food, with all the big areas of your life - money, relationships, career, and the list goes on.

If you’re ready to have a life you’re excited to live, hit the button below to schedule a brief phone conversation with me.



I’m a to-the-point, no bullshit, yet highly compassionate coach. I guide you, support you, and also call you on your shit. I know what it’s like to be stuck in that hell and I want you to get out of it. Together, let’s peel back what’s keeping you stuck and get you to a place where you feel really confident showing up as YOU. With a life that revolves outside of food.

Professional Bio

Renae Saager is certified health & life coach and emotional eating expert who teaches women around the world how to start living a powerful, authentic life free from food and weight obsession. Tapping into her own unique journey with disordered eating and alcoholism, Renae connects with her clients on a deeper level, supporting them through the process of rewiring their brain with her no-BS approach. Through this serious work, Renae is able to help clients challenge their mindset and begin healing, using her own sense of humor and unparalleled perspective which creates a more enjoyable and transformational process. Undoing the crazy you feel around food is Renae's specialty, the confidence and clarity gained is the guilt free icing on the cake. Renae has been featured on several podcasts. She received her certifications through the Health Coach Institute and The Life Coach School and received her Bachelors degree in Social Science from Portland State University.