Lisa Stein!!
This woman literally changed the path of my life and I met her on Thumbtack.

62064248_395765557815155_8307202658750431232_n.jpgYou just never know how, when or why you are going to meet people but I believe everyone is in your life for a reason.
I love Lisa so much for so many reasons.

Here are some:
1. She is the best listener. We will discuss this in the interview.
2. She was working at New Seasons before she single handedly started her own business. So we both have a love of working in grocery.
3. She is incredibly humble, a bit shy(making it very hard to find photos of her! 🙂 ), and making a positive impact with the work she is doing in the world!62046831_448872835914953_8345640133558534144_n
These are just 3 of the MANY reasons I adore her. I am excited for you to listen to this interview as we go over just HOW she went from New Seasons to have several employees in her own success business. Her own journey through grad school, studying Tibetan language, being a translator to living in PDX and being a personal trainer and so much more!

Listen to the interview HERE

You can connect with Lisa on her website Evolve Together PDX

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